Our Unique Accountability Guarantee 

* If we can't provide your clean within a 5 week interval without letting you know what's happened.... You can claim £20 OFF your next clean.

Have you ever had a window cleaner or other service provider let you down? They say they will be around and poof they disappear! No, "sorry our van has broken" or "the weather held us up we'll be around on... insert date here", they just leave you hanging. 

Quite understandably, this is not ideal... and to ensure that with us you will at least always be kept in the know we have created our unique accountability guarantee. So that you know we will keep you informed! 

Have we been late without letting you know? (We're sorry!) 


Claim your £20 Voucher here:

Thank you for letting us know. We'll get this sorted for you asap and confirm your voucher.