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Monthly Window Cleaning

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Say Hi to Richard! Your Window Cleaner in the Colchester area

Since 2010 we have been providing our monthly window cleaning services. If you have a detached or semi detached residential home we are able to provide you with super reliable and convenient monthly window cleaning. 

Not only do we clean the windows... We also clean all:    - Frames 

- Sills

- Doors

- Vents

- Expansion Joints

- Hinges

- Handles

Bet you didn't even think a window had that many parts! It's easy to over look them until they get filthy and then cause an eyesore and not only that but leading to early replacement and unnecessary costs to keep your home looking nice.

Every clean is all completed using HOT purified water. This ensures the best results possible, most powerful cleaning and allows us to clean gentler. 

Say Hi to Chris and Eric! (Eric not yet available for service) Your Window Cleaner in the Southend area