Do you guarantee the window cleaning on the same day every month?

No, the main reason being that we can't predict what the weather may throw at us. If theres a particular bad spell which can delay our progress then this can alter the day we will be able to get to your clean each month. We will however do our best to keep your cleaning to the same period each month. 

What happens if it rains?


We are happy to will still work when rain is forecast. Most of the time we can get your cleaning completed in-between showers. We hope!

How do I pay for my window cleaning services with Swash Window Cleaning?

All payments are collected by Gocardless direct debit. When we invoice you for your cleaning out system will instruct gocardless to collect your payment at the end of the month.

How is payment setup?

When you sign up your'll be directed to our Gocardless page. This page has more information and a link to the Gocardless secure online mandate page.

What happens if I cant be home when a clean is due?

We will clean your windows if you are home or not. We wont knock in order to least disturb you, if access is not possible we will try knocking / ringing your bell to gain access.

Why have my windows been left wet?

We clean windows using hot purified water. This means once the dirt has been rinsed away the water remaining is pure and will dry clear naturally

Im am not able to provide access to all your windows tomorrow, What happens now?


Don’t worry your accessible windows will still be cleaned and you’ll only be charged 50% of your arranged cleaning price or the minimum appointment charge of £15.00, which ever is highest. 

How do we clean windows with no soap?

Because the water we use is pure and heated it is able to easily breakdown and absorb any dirt to be cleaned from your window units.