CEO & Founder

Christopher Wessell

Hey, I am Christopher Wessell. I founded Swash in 2010 whilst studying business at South-East-Essex-College and since then I have cleaned 1000's of homes professionally for homeowners all across Essex. I am hands-on, employ operatives and train other window cleaners to clean windows professionally as well. I love to provide an efficient and reliable service and Swash is a never-finished endeavour for me and I am always looking to improve the value Swash can provide where possible.

Although I founded Swash Cleaning in 2010, in 2021 I began trading as Swash Window Cleaning as part of Swash Franchise Ltd. If you are interested in starting a window cleaning business of your own check out our available territories here... 

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Meet Our Head Window Cleaning Technician

Antony Travi

Meet Antony Travi, Antony has managed hundreds of window cleaners across the UK and Is now heading up the technicalities of window cleaning for us throughout Southend, Colchester, and Basildon. He knows everything there is to know about how to keep your windows clean and ensure they stay that way. Say hi if you see him on his next visit. 

Door to Door Salesperson

Christopher Wessell

I am currently our door to door salesperson. If you've visited us here after a visit from me then I hope you aren't disappointed! I am currently working hard to build Swash into a business that provides jobs for a few of the good people locally and great window cleaning services for thousands of proud homeowners also.

This position is currently available so see our jobs page for it here...